Why Cloud VPN?

Often managers and entrepreneurs associate cloud VPN with individual use. It is believed that enterprises use their own VPNs, administered by their internal IT personnel. They believe it is more secure.

It’s not. Moreover, cloud VPN offers a better value.

We define cloud VPNs as securely connecting from any location to resources (data and applications) that are provisioned in central data sites for the purpose of highly-available and reliable access. A cloud VPN must also offer specific characteristics which address the requirements for secure remote access from any device, over any type of network and from any location.

Ivacy provides for absolutely secure and anonymous VPN connection for any mobile device, such as iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and smartphones.

Companies that want their mobile employees to securely access the company network via the Internet have several options available to them: remote access out of the cloud, virtual private network as a service (VPNaaS) and managed security service provider (MSSP). Due to economic reasons, companies and individuals choose to outsource the operation of their VPNs to cloud, hosting or managed service providers.

The benefits for enterprises include the following:

no investment in hardware, software and in-house experts
a fast realization of a remote access VPN project
low monthly expenses
If the cloud VPN is software-based, it’s able to be virtualized and offers high scalability. Ideally, the cloud VPN solution would support multi-tenancy, be available for all major operating systems and device platforms and have a central management component

Ivacy Supports Discussions @London Conference on Cyberspace

Ivacy experts carefully followed discussions at London Conference on Cyberspace to catch the trend of concern.

It is obvious though, that VPN is a double-sided sword, which helps, on one hand, obtain privacy and data security to a wide number of clients (which is clearly the case with Ivacy), but on the other hand provides a privacy tool to cyber criminals.

We believe that recent initiative by a number of VPN providers to exchange data on suspected cyber criminal activity is a good start. Thus we will reduce the number of attempts to use our service as a privacy tool to credit card fraud criminals, as an instance.